Garbage, Ocean, Hackney, London

This gig was added to the end of the Garbage tour as part of MTV’s 5 Night Stand series. The TV lights made this gig super hot, more so down the front as we were. I’d won 4 extra tickets to the gig and remember giving 1 away to someone who approached the touts outside, they obviously wasn’t very happen, even less when I told them to fuck off as I had loads to give away 🙂

I’m not 100% sure if Ocean is even open these days but I remember it being super clean, it was pretty much one of the first “corporate” venues to appear in London, it felt soulless.

Tonight was also the night I found out that Michel was an Everton fan, needless to say I didn’t give him a pleasant reply to the question “Rob, do you know where I can get an Everton shirt around here?”…


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