PSV Eindhoven v Liverpool FC, Philips Stadium, Eindhoven, Holland

I should never have gone to this match. I was so ill with flu (that’s real flu not “flu”), I was off work for almost a month with it, as it really was that bad.

The night before I said I wouldn’t go, at 4am I found myself heading to Gatwick as I felt “better and well enough to travel”, heading down the runway sweating and shaking was another matter. I should have been wrapped up in the warmth of my bed recovering but in my mind I didn’t want to miss Liverpool in Europe and be disappointed by not going.

On the way to meet up with Jan I had to buy a scarf to keep me warm, I think it was quite a mild night except I wasn’t feeling that. Both Michel and JP said that the JD would help cure me, it didn’t. I suffered the whole game and ended up heading home 2 days early the following day just to get back to bed.

We almost had some trouble as well, just like the last time I visited the Philips Stadium, Rijkels once again saved my arse! I should learn not to sit in the home end while watching Liverpool abroad.

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