Iron Maiden, O2 Arena, London

“Stiliyan Petrov” once again provided us with First to the barrier entry, he’s a good lad 🙂

The O2 now has increased security following the Manchester Arena attack. Airport scanners have been introduced at the main entrance to the O2. You then go through the original second set entering the venue itself.

The ticketless entry worked well again, although I it was better organised in Birmingham, however the two arenas are very different with the O2 itself being multi purpose.

Shinedown were once again pretty decent and much better than the time I saw them at Wembley Arena.

The crowd seemed to be full of Germans and 2 annoying Spanish girls, sorry I mean cunts right behind us. Seriously if you’re in the 2nd or 3rd row at a gig you don’t need to try and force your way into the rows in front. If you’re that type of person, behave and stop being a shit.

Maiden were decent again, but the unnecessary pushing made it slightly less enjoyable than the Birmingham show for me.

Line Up:

  • Iron Maiden
  • Shinedown

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