Rise Against, The Garage, London

Finally! I’ve liked Rise Against since first hearing this album and never had a chance to catch them live until now. I was in fact super lucky with these tickets. I decided to check if they had a tour planned as I knew a new album was on the way. They had announced two small shows both here in London and one in Berlin. These were planned as part of the press coverage around the new album itself.

Rise Against got a great reception from the crowd when they appeared on stage and it continued until the end of the gig. A solid performance throughout.

They were supported by Milk Teeth who I assumed I’d never heard of before, turns out I had but not sure where from. Their song Brickwork, I’ve heard many times before but I’m not sure where from.

Line Up:

  • Rise Against
  • Milk Teeth

Arranged early access for Simon and this went pretty well with one of the best security guys I’ve seen in London. He suggested we popped back 5 minutes before doors and sorted us with what we required. He also suggested that we grab a drink in the new bar which has opened at The Garage, “The General Store” it’s kind of like a 1960s diner but with a great selection of beers, far better than what is served in the venue itself.