Papa Roach, The Hippodrome, Kingston

This show (and signing session) was cancelled due to the band going home after the ISIS attack in Paris.

How I got this ticket was pretty funny.

Firstly to get a ticket you had to buy the album, I didn’t, and still haven’t…
The event should have happened months before now, it didn’t…
When I saw Angelfish earlier in the year we needed to look smart, Simon never had a suit so I gave him an old tux which I had, he gave me this ticket in exchange.

Will this ever happen? who knows…

Euro Hockey Championships, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Never went to this in the end as I managed to get tickets to The Ashes on the same day. To be honest, I could have done this as the cricket ended early, but I wasn’t feeling amazing and also didn’t really feel like going by myself.

  • France V Belgium
  • Netherlands V England
  • Ireland V Germany

Queens Park Rangers v Sheffield United, Loftus Road, London


Never made this one, a late breakfast meant we would have arrived ten minutes into the first half which was fine.

The closure of the Central line between Holborn and Marble Arch however was another story so we went to the pub instead.

Goal Scorers

  • Sheffield United: McNulty 36 Campbell-Ryce 49, 90

Report: BBC

Liverpool FC v Borussia Dortmund, Anfield, Liverpool

Three of us headed up in the car as it was almost £300 for the trains, we ended up leaving late which put us behind, stacks of rain, a number of delays on the way all combined with the early kick off, meant we missed the game 🙁

Liverpool FC 4 – 0 Borussia Dortmund

Goal Scorers:

  • Liverpool: Sturridge, Lovren, Coutinho, Henderson

Match report: BBC

Feeder, Luxor, Köln, Germany

The ticket for this gig I had to get from a German website, when they dispatched it they failed to put UK on the address. The ticket ended up in Cranbrook, Canada before being redirected to Cranbrook, Kent (UK).

The show itself was meant to be at Underground on November 6, 2010 but was cancelled due to “Recording commitments and extra ticket demand”. The real reason (I believe) is that Taka had let his passport almost expire and was having issues trying to renew it. Had it slipped he feared that he would never had got back into the UK. Which to be honest is a totally acceptable reason to cancel a show.

Anyhow the gig was rescheduled and I never attended it due to a couple of reasons which was a shame as I’d missed Feeder’s appearance at The Roundhouse last month through illness and they are playing some new material.