Amsterdam Tournament (Day 2), Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Holland

A nice surprise for today as we woke up with nothing planed then Rijkels took a phone call and then said we were heading to Amsterdam to go to the games, erm OK… More of the same then

Galatasaray 2-1 Liverpool
[Joao Batista 21, Cesar Prates 38 – Emile Heskey 36]

Ajax 3-0 Inter Milan
[Steven Pienaar 49, Rafael van der Vaart 56, Wamberto 90+1]

I really would love to go to this pre-season tournament again, I was sadly heading to Russia when Liverpool were on their way to Rotterdam for Feyenoord’s 2007 Harbour Tournament.

Amsterdam Tournament (Day 1), Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Holland

I headed out to Holland as Liverpool were playing in the Amsterdam Tournament, the format is 4 games spread over 2 nights, initially I only got tickets for the first night. This whole trip ended up being a massive football festival with 7 matches in 5 days.

I’ve so many wonderful memories of this trip, it’s probably one of my favorite trips I’ve ever made. It all started with Rijkels and I heading for a bit of a session in Teasers where we met a couple of English guys going to the game.

We left for the ground and it then turned into the “Ray Parlour” drinking game with this crazy Ajax fan who was Ray Parlour’s double act for sure! The game consisted of basically losing your drink if you went to the toilet and everyone else gaining some of your lost drink in theirs. NEVER play this game if someone suggests it, I’ve made that word bold for a reason, you will be so pissed by the end of it you won’t have a clue where you are.

The games were a bonus to the day itself, to be honest I don’t remember much about them apart from the following

  • Liverpool losing
  • A Liverpool fan wearing just a red elephant thong gyrating at the Inter Milan fans (I think)
  • The “Hou Let The Reds Out” chant
  • Jari Litman waving at the Liverpool fans

Oh and the beer, or slop that they served to Liverpool fans, how that was classed as beer I do not know.

The evening session included a trip back to Teasers before heading to the JP bar where Galatasaray fans were paying for their wives to have lap dances. The day from start to finish was just crazy, so much so Michel started to like Amsterdam for the first time in his life I think 🙂

Galatasaray 0-3 Inter Milan
[Obafemi Martins 37, 64, Mario Rebecchi 66]

Ajax 0-0 Liverpool