New Order, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

Funny gig this one. I got tickets because I thought Jerome, Jan and Simon wanted to go. Jerome grabbed tickets because he thought Jan, Simon and I wanted to go. neither of us really wanted to go at all.
Anyway back to the sausage fest. I admit that I like the latest album Music Complete so there’s a chance that I may have enjoyed the gig. I didn’t and ended up leaving as soon as Blue Monday was played.

There was also this Scouser in the audience who I ended up sitting next to on the steps.

Jim: “Where you from Mate?”
Me: “Pardon?”
Jim: “Where you from?”
I remove my ear plugs
Jim: “Where you from?”
Me: “London”
Jim: “So you’re with the band?”
Me: “No”
Jim: “You must be, you have them” (pointing to my ear plugs)
Ten minutes later…
Jim: “You are with the band, road crew or something”
Me: “No I’m not”
Jim: “Yeah you are, both of you are with them”
Me: “OK yes we are”
Jerome and I then get up and leave
Jim: (to his wife) “See I told you they were road crew”

Rock Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium

Rock Werchter 2013
3rd year in 4 at Rock Werchter and once again the weather was fine.

Bands of note were,

Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires
A Day To Remember
Two Door Cinema Club
Gogol Bordello
The Van Jets
Biffy Clyro

It would have been great to see Bloc Party as well but they were on the wrong stage at the wrong time, when we arrived at The Barn there was a massive crowd already and we were unable to get inside the tent. By the time they were finishing the crowd must have been 80 deep outside.

I totally missed The Gaslight Anthem who I wanted to check out. I did catch Blur who were a disappointment, I left early, after 5 or so songs. I was smashed so that might have contributed, but there were loads of others leaving as well. All of the Dutch I was with said the same that they were disappointed so I don’t think I was wrong.

Green Day was the worse I have seen them, despite it being a very entertaining show still. I do think that their format needs to change a little bit and to a degree the same applies to Rammstein.

All in all the music of Werchter 2013 was poor and I say that because we spent more time away from the stages than at them.

Garbage, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

I loved this show, had an awesome day with great friends who I met over a decade ago all in one place. What made it better was only 2 of us had tickets for this but between us we managed to get everyone onto the guest list for the night via Butch. A few of us managed to get backstage passes to the after party which was an experience. We all headed upstairs to the canteen where there was nothing to drink, eventually one of the garbage roadies walked through looked at us all and said “Are you here for the after party?, want some beer” he then came back with a case of Jupilers.

On leaving the venue we had a great chat with Billy Bush about how the shows were going, what should and shouldn’t be played etc. We asked for Temptation Waits and the band apparently sound checked it the following day by all accounts but never managed to play it on the remaining dates.

Queer / Automatic Systematic Habit / Why Do You Love Me / Hammering In My Head / Stupid Girl / Vow / The One / #1 Crush / I Think I’m Paranoid / Special / Blood For Poppies / Cherry Lips / Battle In Me / Cup Of Coffee / Push It / You Look So Fine // When I Grow Up / Only Happy When It Rains

Rock Werchter Festival [Day 1], Werchter, Belgium

I only saw Garbage and 2 and a half tracks of The Cure who were quite possibly the most boring band I’ve ever seen.

Jan and I had planned to go even before Garbage were confirmed as we both love this festival. While we were drinking a few of the local Stella’s I got a text informing me that Michel was en-route, he turned up without a ticket, no room and no change of clothes after heading into Rotterdam to do some shopping and wanting to be in Werchter, 140KM away.

I also stuck my head in a giant arse hole which you can now stay in as it’s been turned into a hotel!

Rock Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium

A truly fantastic four day festival in Belgium which I’ll be checking out again for sure. If you’re after a great European festival and not sure which to visit then give this a go, for years it has had a great line up. I’ll happily buy a ticket to this without knowing the line up first.

Rock Werchter 2010 was hot Hot HOT! Did I mention it was hot? It was rumoured to have hit 41°C on the Friday! With the weather pretty wet back in the UK it was good to be away watching fine music and drinking cold beers with friends old and new in the sun.

Thursday night was headlined by Faithless who did their normal set which got the crowd going. Personally I felt Muse should have been the head liners as they stole the show. Friday it was Green Day’s turn, who as always put on a fantastic show. Due to the heat today we ended up watching The Netherlands v Brazil at a cafe in Leuven sipping on the locally brewed Stella all day, totally different to the chemical shit that is produced here in the UK.

Rammstein rolled into town the following night with 22 Tonnes of pyrotechnics in tow. Pearl Jam closed the festival on the Sunday, a band who shamefully I don’t know that well but were very good.

Other highlights over the four days included Skunk Anansie and Porcupine Tree, both of whom had mid afternoon slots when the heat was at it’s peak.