Iron Maiden, NIA Arena, Birmingham

Iron Maiden

Went to the wrong venue but that’s OK Bruce almost did as well… Got early entry thanks to Stiliyan Petrov… Punched a vicar then moshing with him.

So it all started when we incorrectly thought the venue was the arena at the NEC. I personally thought that the NIA had been knocked down years ago to make way for offices or some shit, it hasn’t and is a 20 minute drive away from the NEC so try not to make that mistake. We grabbed an Uber and the guy was great getting us there as quickly as possible.

Once there we found the first to the barrier line and tried to secure some wristbands via Kristina’s friend Stiliyan who had entered the contest on our behalf and won. Having just driven past Villa Park Kristina called him Stiliyan Petrov by accident, it didn’t matter as we still got the passes. We were one of the last in the queue but that was OK and second row secured.

The gig itself was much better than the previous time I’d seen Maiden at Sonisphere somewhere around 2010. Shinedown was also way better than the previous time I saw them.

Oh yeah the vicar, complete with dog collar, not a fake one either, he really was The Rockin’ Reverend (I’m trademarking that). Anyway I managed to punch him trying to grab a plectrum lobbed into the crowd! He was cool with it, unlike when the dude behind him said “Jesus Christ”.

Line Up:

  • Iron MAiden
  • Shinedown

Rammstein, LG Arena, The NEC, Birmingham

My 2nd night in a row at seeing Rammstein. it’s strange to say this but I feel that the whole Rammstein show works better outside at festivals. The reason I say this is I feel that the stages at arenas just aren’t big enough for the grand show that Rammstein put on.

Nonetheless tonight the Germans played a solid set once again, I felt tonight’s offering was slightly better than last night in London, although the crowd at the O2 were far more lively.

Something else I’ve noticed of late is how much better the acoustics are in these newer arenas. Both the O2 and the LG arena have far superior sound than both Earls Court of Wembley Arena.

Line Up

  • Rammstein
  • Deathstars

Set list
Intro / Sonne / Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen / Keine Lust / Sehnsucht / Asche Zu Asche / Feuer Frei! / Mutter / Mein Teil / Du Riechst So Gut / Links 2-3-4 / Du Hast / Haifisch / Bridge instrumental / Buck Dich / Mann Gegen Mann / Ohne Dich / Mein Herz Brennt / Amerika / Ich Will / Engel / Pussy / Outro

Client, Barfly, Birmingham

This was a bit of a crazy trip to be honest as the night before I was planning on having some rest before Liverpool took on West Ham in the FA Cup final. I had planned to watch in the local pub with a hammer and fellow red.

These plans went out the window when I got a text from Michel that read something like “Can I stay at yours tonight I’m on the Eurostar now…” We ended up having a bit of a session on Friday night then heading to Birmingham the next day to get there in time to watch Liverpool win the FA Cup in the Sports Cafe. Then followed a few hours drinking and catching up before Client played a special gig at the Barfly.

We were on the guest list for this one, so no ticket. The flyer is shown.