Skunk Anansie, Brixton Academy, London

This was a really good day. Simon had arranged some guest tickets so we could sit up top but Julia had sorted some backstage passes. We spent most of the afternoon inside Brixton Academy chatting with the band and watching their sound check with Simon picking the songs 🙂

I recorded 100 Ways during the soundcheck.

The Pearl Hearts supported and their set was the best I’ve seen from them, they have come a long way since they supported Garbage last year.

Skunk Anansie’s set was really polished with some fantastic lighting going on throughout.

PJ Harvey, Brixton Academy, London

PJ Harvey, Brixton Academy, London

Interesting gig this one I’m not a massive fan and went along to see what the fuss was all about. This isn’t meant to sound disrespectful at all but the gig seemed like a load of talented musicians jammin’ together with someone who can sing. PJ has the attention of the whole place as she draws you in, despite hardly any interaction with the crowd at all.

Korn, Brixton Academy, London


Never saw any of the support as I was in the pub with Dan, He’s clearly a bad influence… as a result I never saw Simon either.

Korn were pretty good, starting off with Blind and playing the debut in full. The encore featured 3 classics.

  1. Blind
  2. Ball Tongue
  3. Need To
  4. Clown
  5. Divine
  6. Faget
  7. Shoots and Ladders
  8. Predictable
  9. Fake
  10. Lies
  11. Helmet in the Bush
  12. Daddy


  1. Falling Away from Me
  2. Here to Stay
  3. Freak on a Leash

Line up:

  • Korn
  • Snot
  • Sunflower Dead

Korn at Brixton

CHVRCHES, Brixton Academy, London


Didn’t bother with the support and instead decided to have a catch up with Jeff who I’d not seen since Nine Inch Nails.

I really like the debut from CHVRCHES and this was the main reason for checking them out.

The gig itself was pretty boring. Lauren Mayberry has no stage presence whatsoever. The gig really changed when the guy started to sing, he seemed to have something she doesn’t. I’m sure this will change in the coming years as the band along with their crowd and set-list also develops. The crowd seemed to love it but being that I was one of the older members of that crowd I’ve most likely seen more gigs than they have played, so pick more holes than I should.

Line up:

  • Lizzo

Photo by Kevin W

Skunk Anansie, Brixton Academy, London

The Paris gig a week before was way better than this one which was a shame as this was the final date on the tour. The reason why it was better wasn’t because the band sucked, far from it; the reason was (and I hate to say this) the London crowd sucked, I was stood near the back and for the whole gig there must have been 300 camera’s, phones and in some cases tablets(!) in the air filming the gig! Seriously enjoy the fucking gig for once!

This wasn’t the only problem, Skin as I’m sure you know likes nothing more than a bit of crowd surfing and walking during a gig, the crowd didn’t seem to want to participate in this and she went no distance at all.

The final issue from the crowd was during ‘Little Baby Swastikkka’. Skin has been going right out into the crowd and getting everyone to sit down and then go mental during the hard parts of the track. Again the London crowd fucked this up with Skin commenting “Put your fucking camera phones down for once and do as your told”… The crowd in Paris were incredible during this track and the whole of Zenith were moshing with Skin and sitting when they were meant to.

I’m pretty sure they were going to do a second encore (as they did in Paris) but for some reason the stupid crowd started to leave before the house lights came back on.

The Skank Heads / I Will Break You / I Believed in You / God Loves Only You / I Hope You Get to Meet Your Hero / Twisted (Everyday Hurts) / I’ve Had Enough / My Ugly Boy / Weak / Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good) / Our Summer Kills The Sun
(with Erika) / This Is Not a Game / Over the Love / I Can Dream / Spit You Out / Because of You / Sad Sad Sad / Charlie Big Potato // Tear The Place Up / Secretly / Little Baby Swastikkka

Line up:

  1. Skunk Anansie
  2. Arrows of Love