Camden Rocks, Camden, London

I wasn’t going to go to this as I only really wanted to see Andy Cairns of Therapy!

Then…. Feeder were announced as headliners with the added bonus of The Virginmarys so that was enough for me.

First up was Hands Off Gretel at the Underworld, they played a decent set and hand a lot of people in the venue considering the time of day.

Simon, Jim & I make our way down to Koko, a venue which has finally been added to the festival. Jim suggests that we see The Kut in The Crowndale, it’s 3 girls playing some rock, Simon & I aren’t really into it at all so we leave to get a good place in Koko for Royal Republic. Here we catch the end of Moses. They seem to be having fun but this venue is way too big for them at this point in their career.

Royal Republic take to the stage and straight away I’m impressed by what I’m seeing. They command the crowd really well. By far they are easily the band of the day. They announce that they will be returning soon so I’ll be looking out for tickets.

We hot foot it down to Camden Market to catch Ally Dickaty’s (The Virginmarys) solo show. He was playing the Kraken Sound Stage which is inside the market on the fake grassed area. It’s nice to be outside rather than a stuffy venue on this fine day.

I grabbed some food which ended up being uncooked chicken…

Then headed to see Andy Cairns at Proud, he’s 100% solo today even being his own roadie. He jokes the rest of the band are watching the Champions League final, something he himself was doing in one of the stables before the show. He plays another solid set, quite different to the previous time I saw his solo show. He announces that they are heading into the studio to record album number 15 on Monday and then plays a new song. I joke with Ronald on Whatsapp that they are recording album number 15,000.

Unfortunately both The Virginmarys and Feeder clashed, I choose Feeder at Koko to end this year’s festival and was happy I did. I catch the end of The Coral, I only know one song, Dreaming Of You, it’s their final bow as they leave the stage after this.

Feeder put on a solid show, but it’s not as good as when I saw them in Folkestone a couple of months back. I think mainly this is due to where I am in the venue. I’m up top on the same level as the hidden sofas.

I’d checked my phone during the break before the encore I saw there had been another attack in the city. I meet Simon outside and we head home straight away and it’s a good job we did. We made the Northern Line which was later suspended and then managed to get as far as Mile End before the Central Line suffered the same, although this was resumed and we did manage to get to Stratford and home. We knew this was likely to happen as when we got to Bank the announcements were instructing everyone to get back on the trains as there was no exit from the station at all.

Feeder, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

My first ever show at the Leas Cliff Hall, I had previously had a ticket to see Placebo here but it was cancelled and never rescheduled. The venue is pretty cool, they should have way more gigs here than they do.

Really glad I made the effort to get to this one after I missed out on the show in Nottingham due to illness. The new stuff all sounds great, they also played a lot of older classics which was good to hear. I did record a few songs from a decent position on the balcony but my phone seems to have fucked up and split them into small chunks so unless I can sort that I won’t be uploading them.

Feeder, Luxor, Köln, Germany

The ticket for this gig I had to get from a German website, when they dispatched it they failed to put UK on the address. The ticket ended up in Cranbrook, Canada before being redirected to Cranbrook, Kent (UK).

The show itself was meant to be at Underground on November 6, 2010 but was cancelled due to “Recording commitments and extra ticket demand”. The real reason (I believe) is that Taka had let his passport almost expire and was having issues trying to renew it. Had it slipped he feared that he would never had got back into the UK. Which to be honest is a totally acceptable reason to cancel a show.

Anyhow the gig was rescheduled and I never attended it due to a couple of reasons which was a shame as I’d missed Feeder’s appearance at The Roundhouse last month through illness and they are playing some new material.

Feeder, The Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland

I ended up crowd surfing at this, something I’d not done for 12 years at least, it was all Ronald’s fault! I’m not sure who else played, I wasn’t there I know that! We managed to get there just in time for Feeder after spending the whole afternoon in Cafe Belgique, the best bar in Amsterdam.

Michel managed to get us totally lost on the way back to Rotterdam by getting on the wrong train. We eventually got in at something like 3am.

The second ticket is my Melkweg membership ticket for November.

Line up