Garbage, Troxy, London

Garbage Troxy

I’ve now seen this band over 60 times and I have to say that this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen by them. It’s easily inside my top 5 Garbage shows from which I’ve seen and possibly my favourite in London. The last time they played in Troxy I thought the show was fantastic, this bettered that.

The rendition of Vow was one of the best they must have played, truly incredible.

This was also the show in which we got Simon a Meet & Greet for his 50th birthday.

They were supported by the The Pearl Hearts.

Garbage, La Belle Electrique, Grenoble, France

Up at the crack of dawn to head to Grenoble in France via Geneva in Switzerland, this isn’t the best route but in fairness was probably the best one due to the French striking again. I really hope we don’t have issues like this when the Euros start as we are travelling everywhere by trains.

Headed out the door at 04:25 and got to Blackfriars only to find every entrance to the station well and truly locked. OH FUCK!

New plan head to Victoria, how do I get there? A bus to Trafalgar Square then look for one to Victoria. Managed to get there but thought I was gonna miss my flight as I had my train app still on Blackfriars! Eventually I get to Geneva and now have a 2 and a half hour wait for a bus as the previous one left as I was landing. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have made the effort to get to this gig if it wasn’t Greg’s 50th in his home town.

The gig itself was pretty good and Shirley dedicated the final song to both Greg and I as I’d let them know that it was Greg’s 50th show and unbeknown to me at the time he had let them know it was my 60th.

Women Of The World Festival, Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany

Terrible show this one, easily the worst Garbage gig I’ve ever attended. The sound was terrible in the stalls, the lighting didn’t seem to hit the front of the stage and the band didn’t really seem that into it. Opening track Sometimes doesn’t work, maybe this will change once the album is out, there was also no Butch Vig due to illness. Not a great way to start off the new material, hopefully the rest of the shows improve.