West Ham United FC vs Liverpool FC, Boleyn Ground, London


West Ham United 3 – 1 Liverpool
What a shocking performance from Liverpool. The first ten minutes had some of the worst defending I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s few words I can say apart from shell shocked to be 2 down inside 7 minutes to West Ham.

It really worries me that we signed over £100m of talent in the summer yet we are totally dependent on Sterling having a good game, which to be fair to him he did. The only player who I felt fit to wear the shirt.

The £16m signing of Mario Balotelli needs to be dropped to give him a massive kick up the arse. How can he be more lazy than when he was at Manchester City I do not know. He lost the ball on the half way line for the second goal and rather than chasing after it, stood still then walked 2 paces, by which time the ball was on the edge of our area and heading goal bound. This is a player who if he plays to his true potential will be absolutely worshipped on Merseyside yet he’s doing it by remaining a cult player off the pitch. His “Man Utd … LOL” tweet helps fuel that with the fans but in all honesty I’d rather see it on the pitch.

Our defence is another thing all together. If it cost us the title last season it will cost us the top four this. Lovren I remain unconvinced by, he had an amazing game against Spurs yet has been error prone since. We sold both Agger and Kelly who I feel are better than anything we have got since, I just don’t get it!

The second half we were a much the better side, but were still second best… we were leaving massive gaps at the back and by the time Downing (yes Stewart Downing!) tore our defence apart, I’d had enough and was walking. I heard the roar but didn’t see the goal as I clambered over seats previously occupied by Liverpool fans in the home end.

I take nothing at all away from West Ham, they were by far the better side and totally deserved their win.

Once again for the 3rd season running the ticket price for this game was crazy. This season it cost Seventy five pounds, last year it was £65, and the season before £55, will next year be £85?

Goal Scorers:

  • West Ham United: Reid [2] Sakho [7] Amalfitano [88]
  • Liverpool: Sterling [26]

Report: BBC

West Ham United FC vs Liverpool FC, Boleyn Ground, London

A tight first half with West Ham having the upper hand I felt. The home side made it difficult for The Reds, we had our chances throughout the game with Suarez coming close on a couple of occasions, it was his work that won us the opening penalty with Tomkins handling the ball in the area.

The home side hit back in first half stoppage time but the goal should never have been given as Andy Carroll clearly fouled Simon Mignolet when the cross came in. The linesman flagged for it but the ref over ruled him.

The second half Rodgers switched it around by bringing on Lucas who made us far more solid in midfield and we were able to dominate. I feel we will need this formation in the forthcoming fixture with Palace if we are to go on and win the title.

Our second goal I felt at the time wasn’t a penalty and the ref was making up for his mistake. I can see it from both sides, I’d be pissed off if it was given against us I’m sure.

One thing of note, I was sat in the home end and all the fans around me were loving the way Gerrard strokes the ball around the field with ease. It made me think just how lucky we are to watch this football week in, week out.

I also love the new Brendan Rodgers chant that was sung in the away end

♫ Brendan Rodgers Liverpool is on the way to glory! ♫ [YT]

Report: BBC

Liverpool FC v Queens Park Rangers, Anfield, Liverpool

Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher

Liverpool 1 – 0 Queens Park Rangers
A legend departs, Jamie Carragher, 737 games in the famous red of Liverpool FC. A one club man, 11 major honors, a man who gave 100% every single match of his career, easily one of the Liverpool FC greats, more so in a period when we aren’t the dominant force as we once were. The day belonged to Carragher and rightly so.

Coutinho had an effort chalked off as the ref decided that the ball hadn’t crossed the line. Turns out it had… Goal line technology is coming in to the Premier League next year so that’s a good thing. He later scored from outside the box.

Carragher himself hit the post from about 30 yards after being urged from the crowd to shoooooot. A real shame it never hit the back of the net.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned much in the media regarding this game and that was the debut of 17 year old Jordon Ibe. The young lad had a great game indeed. He had a few nerves in the first 5 minutes or so but soon settled down and had a fantastic debut, he even got an assist on Coutinho 23rd minute winner. Ibe didn’t seem scared to run at defenders and attack them. Rodgers clearly looked at this game knowing full well that the main focus of the game will be on Jamie Carragher, and not the young teen. Wise.

Goal Scorers:

  • Liverpool Coutinho 23′

Report: BBC

Liverpool FC v Norwich City FC, Anfield, Liverpool

Liverpool 5 – 0 Norwich City
A total destruction of Norwich City, strangely I didn’t think Liverpool played as well as they did against either Fulham or the second half against United a week before.

I had a rant a couple of weeks back after the Villa match and the fact that none of the forwards seemed to know what the others were doing. The signing of Sturridge already seems to be doing the trick, his step over to allow Suarez to score the second showed that they already know what the other is planing to do.

Goal Scorers:

  • Liverpool: Henderson 26′, Suarez 36′, Sturridge 59′, Gerrard 66′, R Bennett 74′ (og)

Match Report: BBC

Liverpool FC v Aston Villa FC, Anfield, Liverpool

Liverpool FC 1 – 3 Aston Villa FC
How Liverpool lost this was amazing. The whole match Villa soaked up the pressure of a dominant Liverpool side and hit on the break. When the teams were announced I said to the guy next to me from their team I only fear Benteke, how that came back to haunt me…

A few things…

Brendan Rodgers: Before the match came out and said we can finish 2nd. Are you living in a fantasy world? Get the basics right first and start thinking about the next match first. I’m still not sold on him, during the whole TV documentary Being Liverpool I thought he was creepy. He didn’t seem right, too touchy feely for my liking. I get what he is trying to do which is make Liverpool into this attractive side to watch who can move the ball around but right now that’s not what we need. We need to win games and you win games in football by scoring more than your opponent does. The game against Villa we had something like 26 shots and 61% possession. However no one up front seemed to know what the other forwards were doing this needs to be worked on as a priority. Make us pretty after!

Raheem Sterling: I’ve said this to a couple of people over a drink and now I’m putting it in writing. I’ve a few issues with this guy.

  1. His first touch is nonexistent
  2. He thinks he’s the next Ronaldo / He’s lost once he gets the ball / No off the ball movement
  3. He dives, loads

Don’t get me wrong he has been a bright spark this season and is exciting to watch when he gets the better of a player but he’s easy to stop. If a player nicks the ball of him he pretty much shy’s away from trying to get past him next time and cuts inside in the same way Ryan Babel would. His first touch is the worst aspect of his game. I’m pretty sure anyone reading this with an hour or two practice would have better control than Sterling.

Next his movement… Stewart Downing could have played the ball to him loads but didn’t and I don’t think it’s because he has nicked his position. (Downing had a decent game I though) I believe its because he doesn’t move! Just stands there and waits to get the ball before trying to run Ronaldo style, realises he can’t beat the guy so starts cutting inside. he needs to start running into positions to give players around him options.

My final complain is that he loves taking a dive, saw the same thing in the Reading match a few weeks back.

I’m sure this looks like a massive Raheem rant (which it kinda is) but I just don’t buy the argument that he is young and still learning the game. He plays football almost every day of his life, fans don’t but can see what is wrong, they can see that he has no first touch, they can see he hasn’t moved when he should have and so on. This is basic football which Raheem doesn’t seem to do for vast periods of a match. This is something that you just don’t notice when watching a game on TV. I also didn’t notice this at the West Ham game so it could just be from my vantage point in the Anfield Road stand that you see it more.

Joe Allen: What has happened to this guys range of passing? When he joined his passing was pretty decent and I could see why he was signed up. His passing at the weekend was bad, most of his balls went behind the player he was passing too. He should have departed rather than Lucas, but that’s never going to happen as Rodgers loves Allen way too much.

Shopping list:

  • 1 x keeper – needs to be someone who can really put pressure on Reinna, Brad Jones would be a great championship keeper I think. An Al-Habsi or someone potentially could be the answer.
  • 2 x defenders (left back and center half)
  • 1 x strong mid-fielder – not essential but someone bigger than Allan
  • 2 x strikers – PRIORITY and decent Premier League ones as well.

Goal Scorers:

  • Liverpool FC Gerrard [87]
  • Aston Villa FC Benteke [29, 51] Weimann [40]

Match Report: BBC

West Ham United FC vs Liverpool FC, Boleyn Ground, London

West ham 2 – 3 Liverpool
£55 just because it’s Liverpool FC, seriously! I mean to be honest I can afford that but many can’t and they want to get the local community involved with the club…

Anyway my first game at Upton Park, a real old fashioned football stadium as they should be, close to the action and noisy with it. Having been to the Olympic Stadium a couple of times I can’t see how (if they do move there) they will match this there even with some major modifications.

To the action, firstly I don’t think West Ham deserved to lose, however I’m glad they did as we are now 4 points off the top 4 which is pretty incredible following the start of the season. Glen Johnson’s opener was a screamer from the edge of the box and by far the best goal I’ve seen from the weekend. it was a pretty decent game with both teams being in control for large periods of the match.

Goal Scorers:

  • West Ham: Noble 36′ (pen), Gerrard 42, (og)
  • Liverpool: Johnson 11′, Cole 76′, Collins 79′ (og)

Match Report: BBC

Carling Cup Final, Cardiff City v Liverpool FC, Wembley Stadium, London

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) We’re Going to Wembley…

Goal scorers:

  • Cardiff City: Joe Mason (18), Ben Turner (117)
  • Liverpool: Martin Skrtel (59), Dirk Kuyt (107)

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) – missed 0-0
Kenny Miller (Cardiff) – missed 0-0
Charlie Adam (Liverpool) – missed 0-0
Don Cowie (Cardiff) – scored 0-1
Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) – scored 1-1
Rudy Gestede (Cardiff) – missed 1-1
Stuart Downing (Liverpool) – scored 2-1
Peter Whittingham (Cardiff) – scored 2-2
Glen Johnson (Liverpool) – scored 3-2
Anthony Gerrard (Cardiff) – missed 3-2

Liverpool win the league cup for a record 8th time. Credit to the reds who set out from the start of the season to win it and they have. Also credit to Cardiff, their fans were great all day and they gave Liverpool a great game.

Match Report: BBC