Football, Old Trafford, Manchester

Group A Men’s Preliminary Round

United Arab Emirates 1 vs 2 Uruguay
I was very impressed by the performance of the UAE in the first half, they should have gone into the break 2-0. In the second half Uruguay came to life and showed why they are one of the best footballing sides at the moment. They should win the group.

Match Report: BBC

Team GB 1 vs 1 Senegal
A Craig Bellamy strike in the first half was cancelled out a few minutes from time. The host nation should have had a penalty in the second half when the ref failed to do anything about total wipe outs from the Senegal defenders. Some of their challenges were very questionable.

One thing that I did notice and that was the spirit of the crowd. Bearing in mind this event was in Manchester and not London where the games are everywhere. I’ve seen England many times and with that sung God Save The Queen , but it has never been sung like it was here, it made the hairs on your neck stand on end, Amazing. Hopefully the passion will be shown in all the events all over the country.

Match Report: BBC

Beck’s Fusion, Castlefield Arena, Manchester

Another event through work. I remember heading to this gig with 12 spare tickets! I ended up giving them to the people on the gate and saying just give them to whoever wants one (The event was free anyway). The rain during the day was torrential so I spent most of the day in a near by bar. Luckily it cleared up enough in time for Massive Attack who were awesome.