Iron Maiden, O2 Arena, London

“Stiliyan Petrov” once again provided us with First to the barrier entry, he’s a good lad 🙂

The O2 now has increased security following the Manchester Arena attack. Airport scanners have been introduced at the main entrance to the O2. You then go through the original second set entering the venue itself.

The ticketless entry worked well again, although I it was better organised in Birmingham, however the two arenas are very different with the O2 itself being multi purpose.

Shinedown were once again pretty decent and much better than the time I saw them at Wembley Arena.

The crowd seemed to be full of Germans and 2 annoying Spanish girls, sorry I mean cunts right behind us. Seriously if you’re in the 2nd or 3rd row at a gig you don’t need to try and force your way into the rows in front. If you’re that type of person, behave and stop being a shit.

Maiden were decent again, but the unnecessary pushing made it slightly less enjoyable than the Birmingham show for me.

Line Up:

  • Iron Maiden
  • Shinedown

Impractical Jokers, O2 Arena, London

The ‘Santiago Sent Us’ Tour

This wasn’t the best conversion into a comedy show IMO, the TV show itself I think works far better than the live show, you do see some takes from the show which aren’t aired.

Still it was a good experience to go and see it.

The support dude (Owen Benjamin) was pretty good, well worth checking out if you get the chance.

#Cantina, Brooklyn Bowl, O2 Arena, London

Ash played a “Secret” gig in the build up to their 1977 tour, this show was part of a special event put on by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans. This I never noticed when I purchased the ticket so I was expecting to see loads of people dressed as Stormtroopers or Jedi’s. Only a handful were dotted around the venue, and most of these were part of the staff so it was pretty much like a normal gig.

All 3 bands had a Star Wars vibe going through them with the night set into a trilogy as both toy adverts and clips were beamed around the venue on giant screens while the crew were setting up the stages. Each band was introduced with their own opening crawl. The event was really well put together. The money raised went to the Alzheimer’s Society, if only AXS UK would also donate their rip off £3.50 fee to collect a ticket as well.

Blues Harvest were a really entertaining covers band, I wouldn’t mind catching them again to be honest. Really enjoyable for a support band.

Next up were Darth Elvis and The Imperials, this is where the evening really went to new levels… They are all dressed in Star Wars outfits, while the singer is a cross between Darth Vader and Elvis, highly entertaining and their re-work of Green Day’s Welcome to Paradise is classic!

Now onto the main act and the reason I’m here, Ash. I saw Ash on their 1977 tour back in 1997 and that gig still remains as one of the best shows I can remember. I’ve since seen them a few times over the years but I’ve never felt they have matched that energy of that show in Astoria. Last night proved they are still great musicians and still great to see live. The set was full of classics from their debut album 1977 and the Trailer Ep with just a couple of other hits thrown in.

Marks daughter (I think), Scarlett joined them onstage during Kung Fu for a lightsaber battle.

Overall this was a great gig for a last minute purchase considering I grabbed one the day before. I had considered to go to their forthcoming Round House show but never got a ticket in time so it was a real bonus getting this one.

Line Up

  • Ash
  • Darth Elvis and The Imperials
  • Blues Harvest

A quick note on the venue. The Brooklyn Bowl is a bowling alley by day within the O2 Arena, I was unsure how it would work as a music venue but they have done a really good job with it, it’s also interesting that you can watch the band from the side of the stage as well.