Guns N’ Roses, Stade de France, Paris, France

GN’R were also playing in Stratford, twice… It’s so close to where I live I can see the stadium from my place, the cost however of a standard standing ticket was more than Golden Circle ticket in Paris… Therefore I headed to Paris and joined Greg and Stephanie. Originally I had planned to join them in Imola, but Paris kind of worked better.

Kristina and Vinny also decided to join. This then spread with a load of others from the Garbage crew joining in, so all in all, this was a far better experience than seeing them in my back yard, even if they are the greatest band of all time!

A few weeks before the show a plan was hatched by Greg to try and get Simon to the show as well. Unfortunately he was unable to join, and in all honestly I’m kind of glad he didn’t, It was so hot during the day, even inside the stadium. I’m not sure how he’d have coped. Where he’d have been sat he would have been in the scorching hot sun for a good hour or two. At least in the standing area we could walk to the other side of the ground into the shade.

Guns N' Roses, Stade de France, Paris, France

GNR played for over 3 hours and were far better than the time I saw them at the O2 without Slash & Duff.

Line Up:

  • Guns N’ Roses
  • Biffy Clyro
  • Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Overall the trip to Paris was a good one.

Garbage, Le Zenith, Paris, France

I hate gigs in Paris but somehow this turned out to be the best gig on the tour. A cracking show in the French capital. I sorted after show tickets for this one due to it being Rijkel’s 50th Garbage gig.

The day was spent in Paris with around 20 friends, old and new, all met through this band some way or another.

The gig was great, easily the best on the tour, not sure why the band sounded decent and there was a good mosh pit which we started.

Skunk Anansie, Le Zénith, Paris, France

This was so much better than the gig at Village Underground back in the Summer.

The Skank Heads / I Will Break You / I Believed in You / God Loves Only You / I Hope You Get to Meet Your Hero / Twisted (Everyday Hurts) / I’ve Had Enough / My Ugly Boy / Weak / Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good) / Our Summer Kills The Sun / This Is Not a Game / Over the Love / I Can Dream / Spit You Out / Because of You / Sad Sad Sad / Charlie Big Potato // Tear The Place Up / Secretly / Little Baby Swastikkka /// You’ll Follow Me Down / Satisfied?

Garbage, Le Zénith, Paris, France

What a shit experience this was.

Not because of the line up or the band itself but the security at Zenith, They can only be called a total bunch of cock blowing wankers! I’ve been to gigs all over Europe and these guys are total twats! While at gigs I always think it is common courtesy to place empty beer glasses over the top of the barrier at venues. This is for a few reasons;

  1. If there are glasses rolling around the floor then they are a slip hazard to people jumping
  2. If there is any liquid left if them it doesn’t go over everyone
  3. Easier for everyone to clean up after the show

Whatever you do, don’t do this at Zenith as you will be taken out the crowd and potentially thrown out the venue. Both Benoît and I was escorted from the crowd to behind a wall where they then dragged Benoît out the building like they were going to execute him. Luckily for me I remained calm throughout and they told me to get back into the crowd. Benoît on the other hand was left outside until he ran back in to the show later on. This ruined the gig for me which was a real shame as the performance by Garbage was solid.

Control / I Think I’m Paranoid / Shut Your Mouth / Why Do You Love Me / HIMH / Queer / Stupid Girl / Automatic Systematic Habit / #1 Crush / The One / Special / Blood For Poppies / Cherry Lips (Go baby Go!) / Battle In Me / Cup Of Coffee / Push It / Vow / You Look So Fine // When I Grow Up / The World Is Not Enough / Only Happy When It Rains / Thanks A Million