A, The Forum, Tunbridge Wells


One of my favourite bands from way back playing the Tunbridge Wells Forum! FUCK YEAH!

The headliners were great, lots of joking around. There was no Daniel P Carter but his replacement did a great job.

MassMatiks I thought were gonna be shite, I was wrong, they pulled off a great set, and it was pretty enjoyable watching them.

Boy Jumps Ship were ok, but nothing to write home about from this set.

  • A
  • Boy Jumps Ship
  • MassMatiks

Interesting e-ticket as well, rather than 3 separate tickets all were combined in one.

It was also the first time I’ve been to the Forum since they moved the bar. This makes great sense to allow more to see the stage, problem is the merchandise has moved to where the bar was.


Gallows, The Forum, Tunbridge Wells

I almost never went to this as it was bitterly cold and the Forum isn’t the warmest place even in Summer! Had I stayed at home I could have watched Barca smash Real Madrid 5-0!

Anyhow I did go and I caught Man Hands, Polar and Feed The Rhino. The band I didn’t however was Gallows!

What’s more the footage on YouTube I’ve seen of the gig it exploded! The pit was pretty decent during the support bands, during Gallows it looked fucking mental with staging diving and crowd surfing like the good old days. The Gallows front man even dived off the sound desk (above the bar). All of this I missed because someone opened the door during Feed The Rhino. Outside was a winter wonderland which wasn’t there before I entered. A quick call back home revelled that it was pretty much the same but worse so I took the decision to head home while I could still make it rather than staying another hour.

Line up

StringerBessant, The Forum, Tunbridge Wells

I was really glad that I checked out StringerBessant last night as initially I was only going to this gig. If you haven’t checked them out yet then you should do as you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you see.

Tonight was yet another great performance from Jack and Gary, sadly people from Tunbridge Wells are unable to shut the fuck up and a few chatted the entire gig which personally I felt ruined the atmosphere a little.

Line up

Feeder, The Forum, Tunbridge Wells

Re-scheduled show (was meant to have been May 3rd) at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells, the band did an in-store record signing at The Longplayer in the town during the day so I got the reverse signed. Notice I have ticket number 1 (hand numbered) as I was first in line at the initial gig, which was cancelled on the night of the show as Grant was ill.

This was the second time I saw Feeder at The Forum. The previous one included a mental stage invasion!