England v France, Wembley Stadium, London


Late call for this one. Following the attacks in Paris, Anne had stayed on in the UK and asked about the game the morning of the match. Before the game the England fans held up The Tricolore instead of the St George’s Cross and some fans also sang La Marseillaise after God Save The Queen.

France were poor in the first half and England scored a great goal through Dele Alli. Rooney added a second moments into the second half.

Report: BBC.


England v Germany, Wembley Stadium, London

England 0-1 Germany

A good 30 minute performance from England but no real threat up front despite playing a strong attacking line of Rooney and Sturridge. The second string German side then turned it on and scored three minutes after entering our half for the first time.

I don’t think England played bad the whole night but the game pretty much summed up where England are in World Football right now. We have a long way to go to compete with the best in the World. If we make the Quarter finals in Brazil next year then it has been a major success.

Goal Scorers:

  • Germany: Mertesacker 39′

Report: BBC

England v Scotland, Wembley Stadium, London

England 3 – 2 Scotland
Scotland twice led in what was quite a noisy Wembley Stadium. Tonight was by far the best atmosphere I’ve ever had for an England game with the Scots national anthem being totally drowned out by boos, a totally different experience to when either the Irish or Welsh played us.

Goal Scorers

  • England Walcott 29′ Welbeck 53′ Lambert 70′
  • Scotland: Morrison 11′ Miller 49′

Report: BBC

England v Republic of Ireland, Wembley Stadium, London

England 1-1 Republic of Ireland

I could have joined Greg for Journey, Whitesnake & Thunder at Wembley Arena who were playing at the same time but already had tickets to the game so headed inside the stadium instead and watched a pretty boring game to be honest with Steve.

Goal Scorers:

  • England Lampard (23)
  • Republic of Ireland Long (13)

Report: BBC.

England v The Netherlands, Wembley Stadium, London

England 2-3 Netherlands

The rearranged match following the cancellation last summer during the London riots in August, 2011. The match was managed by Stuart Peace following the resignation of Fabio Capello a week or so ago.

Goal scorers:

  • England: Gary Cahill (85), Ashley Young (91)
  • The Netherlands: Arjen Robben (57, 92), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (58)

Match Report: BBC, Goal.com

Carling Cup Final, Cardiff City v Liverpool FC, Wembley Stadium, London

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) We’re Going to Wembley…

Goal scorers:

  • Cardiff City: Joe Mason (18), Ben Turner (117)
  • Liverpool: Martin Skrtel (59), Dirk Kuyt (107)

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) – missed 0-0
Kenny Miller (Cardiff) – missed 0-0
Charlie Adam (Liverpool) – missed 0-0
Don Cowie (Cardiff) – scored 0-1
Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) – scored 1-1
Rudy Gestede (Cardiff) – missed 1-1
Stuart Downing (Liverpool) – scored 2-1
Peter Whittingham (Cardiff) – scored 2-2
Glen Johnson (Liverpool) – scored 3-2
Anthony Gerrard (Cardiff) – missed 3-2

Liverpool win the league cup for a record 8th time. Credit to the reds who set out from the start of the season to win it and they have. Also credit to Cardiff, their fans were great all day and they gave Liverpool a great game.

Match Report: BBC

England v Sweden, Wembley Stadium, London

England 1-0 Sweden
Yeah shouldn’t have gone, once again England were frustrating to watch, if only the passion of the premier league could be taken into international matches. The goal half the stadium myself included missed as there was a Mexican wave going round which was now in it’s 5th or 6th minute… The goal was apparently England’s 2,000th in all competitions and was awarded to Garath Barry to start with only to be later stripped after the replays showed otherwise.

Goal Scorer:

  • England: Majstorovic [22 og]

England v Spain, Wembley Stadium, London

England 1 = 0 Spain
After England’s last game against the Welsh I asked myself Why bother? I then made a decision that I wouldn’t go to any more England games while Capello was in charge unless they played certain teams*… Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland, Brazil and Argentina. There was one other team on this list and that was Spain so I find myself back at Wembley watching the national team, well not quite I was here to watch Spain.

Before the match I expected England to be turned over by the current World & European champions. The Spanish featured 8 of the Barcelona players who I saw destroy Mallorca just a couple of weeks ago and their first half possession showed how good this Spanish side is. However all that great play and amazing passing by Alonso wasn’t enough as the English defense it has to be said was awesome all night. Both Lescott and Jagielka have clearly made a bold statement that they should be England’s center backs going forward. Scott Parker was also awesome throwing himself into every challenge he could as if his life depended on it. (Why does Parker run like a player from the 1950’s?)

England started the second half like a totally different team and soon scored through Fat Frank. United’s Danny Welbeck should have scored a second but shot his load in front of Pepe Reina before striking the ball itself. Spain didn’t have any real threat on goal until their players with premiership experience were all on the park and ironically it was Torres (booed from the moment he come on) who looked by far the most dangerous. David Villa hit the post and former Gooner Fabregas should have scored late on but fluffed his lines.

This wasn’t a great all round performance but it did show that we can hold the best at bay with some outstanding defending. Despite the win the game also showed the quality in class that Spain have over England. Their passing was a totally different level to ours. Watching Xabi Alonso pinging balls left right and center with pin point accuracy was a pleasure to watch again, how we miss him at Liverpool, I really hope Rafa was watching and can see how much better he is to Garath Barry. Spain never gave up, everyone wanted the ball and on every attack ran forward with the play, when England attacked it was often only the front 3 getting up with the play.

England would have felt lucky to get a draw, and this would have simply been down to some excellent defending throughout the game. To win it must have made the Spanish boys wonder if they were in a nightmare. England’s goal was lucky but at the end of the day football is about scoring and Spain failed to do so.

Goal Scorer

  • Frank Lampard (49)

Match report: BBC

* Even though I say this I will be at Wembley on Tuesday for Sweden as well now due to Rijkels going to some gig at Wembley Arena (which I really don’t fancy going to) and therefore I’ll be over that way for most of the afternoon so it made sense.

England v Wales, Wembley Stadium, London

England 1 – 0 Wales

Goal Scorer (Ashley Young [35])

Despite winning this was yet another uninspiring performance from England… Why do I bother? seriously why? Wales could have easily won this. Robert Earnshaw missed an absolute sitter in a period of the game where the Welsh were well on top.

Match Report: The FA / BBC