You what?

What’s this all about then? Over the years I’ve attended stacks of football matches, gigs and the odd festival here and there all over Europe. Trekking around these various events has meant that I’ve amassed a large collection of ticket stubs. I launched this blog because I was partly inspired by a mate uploading his own collection and partly because I had no idea what to do with them all.

Once a red. always a red…

Looking through the football stubs you may be unsure of what team I support as I’m one of these people who will attend any match. I’ll happily visit most matches if I have nothing planned that day, more so if it’s a ground I’ve never visited before. I’m not one of these fans that has to visit the 92 or anything like that but if a ground comes up which I’ve never visited before I do normally pop along. (Hmmmmmm maybe I am)

I’ve been a Liverpool fan for as long as I can remember (since the age of 5 if I’m really honest). I’ve stuck by them through thick and thin and I try to get to Anfield as often as I can. I even do the odd trips to Europe to see The Mighty Reds when I can fit it in around work.

I also attend The Valley a fair bit as a friend has a season ticket and the football is right on my doorstep.

Rock and Roll…

The music I like is generally rock, indie/alternative and metal, in more recent years I’ve started to mellow a little bit and will pop along to shows I would never have thought of attending a few years back.

I first started going to gigs back in 1996, aged 16 at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells, a tiny little venue that is meant to hold around 200 people. Sadly I’ve only listed a couple of the gigs from there as it’s one of them venues where back in the day you turned up on the night, on the off chance of seeing a band. You paid your money, the doorman drew a squiggle on your hand in biro and in you went. You then went outside (re-admissions are allowed) drew the same squiggle on your mates hand and in they walked. Once inside you were presented with the “next big thing”, more often than not they weren’t but occasionally there were real gems such as Feeder. I still try and get to the Forum whenever I can as I still think it’s a great little venue as it has a charm that the now corporate London venues have totally lost. The mainstream press also seem to love the place as it won best small venue in NME in 2012.

I soon moved on to larger venues in London and started to make regular trips to the capital to see the latest bands, often catching some of todays biggest acts as bands first on the bill, Stereophics, Muse and Coldplay both come to mind. Now I live in London so going to gigs is just an extension to my day at work.