Metallica, O2 Arena, London

The sound during the opening act Kvelertak I thought was terrible, particularly at the start, it did improve but I wasn’t really into them at all. No idea why the singer was rocking an owl head at the start.

This was my first time seeing Metallica outside of a festival settings. I thought the old stuff was great, the new stuff not so great. The show production itself was very good indeed. The additions of the drones during Moth into Flame looked great, even if one did fly off into the crowd. The video cubes were also another great addition.

Came away from the show wonder just how many guitar pics they use on a tour. I’ve never seen a band throw as many into a crowd, they must have thrown a thousand or more into the crowd at the end.

A few odd things happened at this show.

It’s time for bed I think.

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