Evergrey, The Underworld, Camden, London

I’m writing this a few days after the gig happened and if I’m honest I really don’t remember much at all about this gig, most likely because

  1. I had no idea who the band were
  2. I had spent most of the day at a beer festival

Anyway I met Kristina there and Jim was in his normal spot at the top of the stairs.

Line Up:

  • Evergrey
  • Awake By Design
  • One Machine

A, The Forum, Tunbridge Wells


One of my favourite bands from way back playing the Tunbridge Wells Forum! FUCK YEAH!

The headliners were great, lots of joking around. There was no Daniel P Carter but his replacement did a great job.

MassMatiks I thought were gonna be shite, I was wrong, they pulled off a great set, and it was pretty enjoyable watching them.

Boy Jumps Ship were ok, but nothing to write home about from this set.

  • A
  • Boy Jumps Ship
  • MassMatiks

Interesting e-ticket as well, rather than 3 separate tickets all were combined in one.

It was also the first time I’ve been to the Forum since they moved the bar. This makes great sense to allow more to see the stage, problem is the merchandise has moved to where the bar was.


Camden Rocks, Camden, London

Camden Rocks

I went to a stack of venues and boozers I’d never been to before. I missed Ginger Wildheart but as a result saw Richie Ramone who did a Ramones set which was pretty cool.

  • Dirty Thrills (Proud Camden)
  • Samoans (The Monarch)
  • New Device (The Cuban)
  • Richie Ramone (Electric Ballroom)
  • Black Spiders (Electric Ballroom)
  • And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (Electric Ballroom)
  • Hawk Eyes (The Stillery)
  • Dolomite Minor (The Hawley Arms)
  • Demob Happy (The Enterprise)
  • No Sugar (The Enterprise)

Highlights from what I saw include Samoans, New Device and Dolomite Minor.


We Are The Ocean, The Portland Arms, Cambridge

Strange one this was, Kristina and I headed to Cambridge as it was a sunny morning and as we arrived Simon sent a text saying that he and Cat were heading there for a gig in the evening so we ended up joining them.

Standing Like Statues didn’t have their lead singer as they had gone on holiday. The bass player and drummer took over the responsibility and to be fair to them did a good job in the circumstances.

As we left the venue it was deemed that Kristina needed a ‘Hat Nose’ to deal will her cold nose.

Line Up:

Charlton Athletic v AFC Bournemouth, The Valley, Charlton

Charlton v Bournemouth

Charlton Athletic 0 – 3 AFC Bournemouth

Charlton were completely outplayed and outclassed by the soon to be crowned league champions. Bournemouth were head and shoulders above the home team in every aspect of the game and on the evidence of this game alone totally deserved to win the league.

They say the Premier League is the best for drama, if that’s the case then more eyes need to be on The Championship. Watford were due to win the league right up until the 90th minute when Sheffield Wednesday scored to break their hearts.

All in all, Bournemouth have been there or thereabouts for the entire season and deserved to win The Championship.

Welcome to The Premier League.

Goal Scorers

  • AFC Bournemouth: Ritchie 10′, 85′ Arter 12′

Report: BBC

Boston United v Leamington, The Jakemans Stadium, Boston

Boston United 0 – 0 Leamington

It’s finally happened, after years of telling Simon that we will be going to Boston to see his local team.

Boston were already secured 3rd in the league and Leamington couldn’t get any higher than 7th so neither team had anything to play for.

In reality it should have been 3-0 to the home side.

(no ticket for this one, purchased at the turnstyle)