Sepultura, Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

Sepultura UK 2015

The bands 30th anniversary show. We didn’t catch the first support and only the last two songs from the second, this was due to increased security checks following the attacks in Paris.

Sepultura weren’t as great as I expected them to be. I wonder if this was due to the size of the stage itself at the Electric Ballroom, or maybe as Kristina said its because I expected them to be good. Recently the two best shows I did on the Garbage tour were the 2 I expected least from. I felt they only really hit form on the classics Chaos, Ratamahata and Roots. The pit seemed to love the entire show.

Line Up

  • Sepultura
  • Dendera
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England v France, Wembley Stadium, London


Late call for this one. Following the attacks in Paris, Anne had stayed on in the UK and asked about the game the morning of the match. Before the game the England fans held up The Tricolore instead of the St George’s Cross and some fans also sang La Marseillaise after God Save The Queen.

France were poor in the first half and England scored a great goal through Dele Alli. Rooney added a second moments into the second half.

Report: BBC.


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Garbage, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland


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Garbage, Manchester Academy, Manchester


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Garbage, Brixton Academy, London


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Garbage, Brixton Academy, London


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Garbage, Le Zenith, Paris, France

I hate gigs in Paris but somehow this turned out to be the best gig on the tour. A cracking show in the French capital. I sorted after show tickets for this one due to it being Rijkel’s 50th Garbage gig.

The day was spent in Paris with around 20 friends, old and new, all met through this band some way or another.

The gig was great, easily the best on the tour, not sure why the band sounded decent and there was a good mosh pit which we started.

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New Order, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

Funny gig this one. I got tickets because I thought Jerome, Jan and Simon wanted to go. Jerome grabbed tickets because he thought Jan, Simon and I wanted to go. neither of us really wanted to go at all.
Anyway back to the sausage fest. I admit that I like the latest album Music Complete so there’s a chance that I may have enjoyed the gig. I didn’t and ended up leaving as soon as Blue Monday was played.

There was also this Scouser in the audience who I ended up sitting next to on the steps.

Jim: “Where you from Mate?”
Me: “Pardon?”
Jim: “Where you from?”
I remove my ear plugs
Jim: “Where you from?”
Me: “London”
Jim: “So you’re with the band?”
Me: “No”
Jim: “You must be, you have them” (pointing to my ear plugs)
Ten minutes later…
Jim: “You are with the band, road crew or something”
Me: “No I’m not”
Jim: “Yeah you are, both of you are with them”
Me: “OK yes we are”
Jerome and I then get up and leave
Jim: (to his wife) “See I told you they were road crew”

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Garbage, Forest Vorst National, Brussels, Belgium

Garbage live at Forest National

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Garbage, 013 Poppodium, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Garbage live at 03 Poppodium

Today was an absolute session… It started on the train from Rotterdam and ended well after the gig had finished. Pretty sure I passed out the moment I hit the pillow and we all woke up drunk the follow morning.

While drinking in the town we ended up sitting right behind Duke by accident.

The gig was pretty decent.

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