Slash, Wembley Arena, London


A much better gig than the last time I saw Slash in London.

Line up

Set list

  • You’re a Lie
  • Night Train
  • Standing Sun
  • Avalon
  • Back from Cali
  • Stone Blind
  • Double Talkin’ Jive
  • Ghost
  • Out To get Me
  • 30 Years to Life
  • Beneath the Savage Sun
  • Mr. Brownstone
  • Rocket Queen
  • Bent to Fly
  • World On Fire
  • Anastasia
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine
  • Slither
  • Paradise City

Image: Nick Pickles

CHVRCHES, Brixton Academy, London


Didn’t bother with the support and instead decided to have a catch up with Jeff who I’d not seen since Nine Inch Nails.

I really like the debut from CHVRCHES and this was the main reason for checking them out.

The gig itself was pretty boring. Lauren Mayberry has no stage presence whatsoever. The gig really changed when the guy started to sing, he seemed to have something she doesn’t. I’m sure this will change in the coming years as the band along with their crowd and set-list also develops. The crowd seemed to love it but being that I was one of the older members of that crowd I’ve most likely seen more gigs than they have played, so pick more holes than I should.

Line up:

  • Lizzo

Photo by Kevin W

Grant Nicholas, Islington Assembly Hall, London

My album of the year, almost proves to be the show of the year (Andy Cairns takes that award).

A fantastic show from Grant, the album really translated into the live arena. Every track on the album was played, and all worked well in the semi acoustic environment.

Sadly this show doesn’t make the top show as it was spoilt by a few twats at the bar talking throughout the show. I’m really starting to consider not attending any shows in London.

More and more London crowds are pissing me off. They think they are better than, or cooler than anyone else, but they aren’t, they are normally full of…

  • cunts
  • camera phones filling the air with bright lights filming poor quality video with dreadful sound in portrait mode
  • tablets being used to film poor quality video with dreadful sound in portrait mode, this is no joke people are turning up with iPads, what next a desktop pc?!?
  • camera flashes going off for as far as the eye can see, despite the fact that the stage is 30 meters away
  • people who think they are better than anyone else
  • people who wish to have a quiet chat with friends
  • people who want to say “I were there!” but don’t know a single song by the artist playing
  • did I mention all the cunts?

I love this great city I live in but I’m getting fed up with gigs in the capital. I’ve attended shows all over the UK and Europe and this only happens in London, time and time again. These people are taking tickets from others who deserve to go but can’t get a ticket because some arse hole is going instead and wants to “chat”.
End of Rant

Grant returns in the new year with more shows and I’m sure I’ll still be at the London one again but will also try a few more shows around the country and maybe into Europe.

No ticket from this show as the promoter never sent them in time so it was a hand stamp on the door instead.

An Acoustic Evening with Andy Cairns, The Borderline , London

I was ill so worked from home to try and shake a nasty cold which I had, it worked well enough so I rocked up and had a great time. The acoustic show itself was fantastic with a couple of guest appearances including Chris Mccormack from 3 Colours Red.

As the gig neared it’s end this was happening, so my phone started going nuts and eventually ran out of battery at 13-13 so I no idea if Liverpool had won or not!

For £15 this show was such good value for money, I’d have happily paid double that I think.

West Ham United FC vs Liverpool FC, Boleyn Ground, London


West Ham United 3 – 1 Liverpool
What a shocking performance from Liverpool. The first ten minutes had some of the worst defending I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s few words I can say apart from shell shocked to be 2 down inside 7 minutes to West Ham.

It really worries me that we signed over £100m of talent in the summer yet we are totally dependent on Sterling having a good game, which to be fair to him he did. The only player who I felt fit to wear the shirt.

The £16m signing of Mario Balotelli needs to be dropped to give him a massive kick up the arse. How can he be more lazy than when he was at Manchester City I do not know. He lost the ball on the half way line for the second goal and rather than chasing after it, stood still then walked 2 paces, by which time the ball was on the edge of our area and heading goal bound. This is a player who if he plays to his true potential will be absolutely worshipped on Merseyside yet he’s doing it by remaining a cult player off the pitch. His “Man Utd … LOL” tweet helps fuel that with the fans but in all honesty I’d rather see it on the pitch.

Our defence is another thing all together. If it cost us the title last season it will cost us the top four this. Lovren I remain unconvinced by, he had an amazing game against Spurs yet has been error prone since. We sold both Agger and Kelly who I feel are better than anything we have got since, I just don’t get it!

The second half we were a much the better side, but were still second best… we were leaving massive gaps at the back and by the time Downing (yes Stewart Downing!) tore our defence apart, I’d had enough and was walking. I heard the roar but didn’t see the goal as I clambered over seats previously occupied by Liverpool fans in the home end.

I take nothing at all away from West Ham, they were by far the better side and totally deserved their win.

Once again for the 3rd season running the ticket price for this game was crazy. This season it cost Seventy five pounds, last year it was £65, and the season before £55, will next year be £85?

Goal Scorers:

  • West Ham United: Reid [2] Sakho [7] Amalfitano [88]
  • Liverpool: Sterling [26]

Report: BBC

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