Rijsoord v SHO, Sportpark Rijsoord, Ridderkerk, Holland

Rijsoord 5 – 1 SHO

I saw Spijkenisse win on the Saturday which meant that SHO had to win this game for any chance to win the league.

The entire Spijkenisse squad turned up to watch Rijsoord destroy their only challengers to the league title. Spijkenisse were humble in their victory by cheering every goal, letting off fireworks and doing a conga around the pitch throughout the game :)

Report: voetbalrotterdam.nl [Dutch]

West Ham United FC vs Liverpool FC, Boleyn Ground, London

A tight first half with West Ham having the upper hand I felt. The home side made it difficult for The Reds, we had our chances throughout the game with Suarez coming close on a couple of occasions, it was his work that won us the opening penalty with Tomkins handling the ball in the area.

The home side hit back in first half stoppage time but the goal should never have been given as Andy Carroll clearly fouled Simon Mignolet when the cross came in. The linesman flagged for it but the ref over ruled him.

The second half Rodgers switched it around by bringing on Lucas who made us far more solid in midfield and we were able to dominate. I feel we will need this formation in the forthcoming fixture with Palace if we are to go on and win the title.

Our second goal I felt at the time wasn’t a penalty and the ref was making up for his mistake. I can see it from both sides, I’d be pissed off if it was given against us I’m sure.

One thing of note, I was sat in the home end and all the fans around me were loving the way Gerrard strokes the ball around the field with ease. It made me think just how lucky we are to watch this football week in, week out.

I also love the new Brendan Rodgers chant that was sung in the away end

♫ Brendan Rodgers Liverpool is on the way to glory! ♫ [YT]

Report: BBC

Skunk Anansie, Hackney Empire, Hackney, London

I saw this same show last year and was blown away by it so wasn’t 100% sure if I wanted to see it a second time as I couldn’t see it living up to what I’d experienced before and I was right it didn’t. The Cadogan Hall show for me was a real acoustic show, everything felt chilled and mellow, even during the rockier moments.

Tonight was a very different experience, there was no orchestra for a start which I think really helped with the whole set. The mic for Erika, the backing singer was also too loud and often I felt she over powered Skin. The show felt a lot more like a normal Skunk show, it was loud and in your face. A lot of people will say that’s how it should be but for me these gigs should be totally unique.

Don’t get me wrong this was an awesome gig all round with the band in full party mode, had I not experienced that gig 11 months ago I’d have said that this was a truly wonderful experience to have witnessed, it was easily a high 4 out of 5 stars.

England v Germany, Wembley Stadium, London

England 0-1 Germany

A good 30 minute performance from England but no real threat up front despite playing a strong attacking line of Rooney and Sturridge. The second string German side then turned it on and scored three minutes after entering our half for the first time.

I don’t think England played bad the whole night but the game pretty much summed up where England are in World Football right now. We have a long way to go to compete with the best in the World. If we make the Quarter finals in Brazil next year then it has been a major success.

Goal Scorers:

  • Germany: Mertesacker 39′

Report: BBC

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