Ugly Kid Joe, The Underworld, Camden, London


Ugly Kid Joe was my first ever gig way back in 1996, last time they played in London I already had plans so never got to see them. Therefore this was a great chance to see them again.

The same morning Kristina flew home, but to do so had got up super early. By the time Richards and Crane had finished their set she was sleep on the barrier so I took her home instead of watching UKJ.

Next time it is then.

Line up:

  1. Ugly Kid Joe
  2. Hail Mary
  3. Richards/Crane


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England vs Wales, Twickenham Stadium, Twickenham

England 25-28 Wales

A tight game at Twickenham ended with a Welsh win.

I spent the whole game sat next to 4 Welsh girls dressed as daffodils, one of them had the most irritating whinging voice as she kept screaming “Wales, Wales” right next to my ear. It got so bad in the second half that I lost interest in the game totally. Having said that a rugby crowd is far better than a football one.

Report: BBC
Stats: BBC

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The Book Of Mormon, Prince of Wales Theatre, London

I don’t do the theatre often but Vinny suggested this and I’d heard great things about it from a few former work colleagues, it’s also written by the creators of South Park so it can’t be that bad.

I’ve seen many a tube poster for this or write ups in papers which read things like “Side splitting funny”, “the best musical you’ll ever see…” and so forth. I never believe these things at all.

By the end of the first act you know you made a wise choice in coming to see this. The whole place is laughing at what they are seeing in front of them.

A great evening, and wonderful entertainment throughout.

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World Cup Of Pool (Round 2), York Hall, Bethnal Green, London

A freebie event which Vinny and I attended as we had the afternoon free before heading to see Book Of Mormon.

Austria 7-2 France
Came in half wat through this one.

Indonesia 5-7 Romania
One of the Indonesian players was highly entertaining in his pre-match interview, he was desperate to play England.

Poland 3-7 Chinese Taipei
Didn’t watch this one.

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New Zealand vs Namibia, Olympic Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

New Zealand 58-14 Namibia
This was always going to be a walk in the park and it was. Namibia did score a try however.

Report: BBC
Stats: BBC

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Martin Metcalfe & The Fornicators, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Scotland

What the hell has happened this weekend? After being a Garbage fan for just shy of 20 years I see both of Shirley Mansons previous bands in the space of 2 days!

This was a fantastic show in the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh.

The support band was a guy from The Netherlands and he sounded decent I thought. 

Martin Metcalf performed with his band The Fornicators. They are all pretty solid musicians. A few gags were crack around the previous night in Glasgow the best being, 

“The next is a cover by Angelfish, I hear tickets to see them are pretty expensive these days”

Martin’s voice I feel is much better now than in his earlier days and it’s strange that more fame  hasn’t come his way over the years. An all round good solid performer and musician.



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Angelfish, SWG3, Glasgow, Scotland


Wow Shirley Manson doing a show with Angelfish! Her pre Garbage days! Amazing! I had to be at this one.

The event was put on by The Scottish Circle and the David Williamson Rwanda Foundation, with the support of Oxfam and UNICEF they were aiming to raise £50,000 on the night of to assist women-centred projects in Rwanda and Nepal.

Shirley Manson, a long-term supporter of DWRF, was the special musical guest, performing songs with Angelfish.

The event was smart dress / black tie and also featured a 3-course dinner donated by Ryan James of The Buttery. There was an Auction of ‘money-can’t-buy’ prizes and an Art Exhibition featuring paintings large and small by both well-known and local artists.

Two tickets for Garbage in Edinburgh with Meet & Greet sold for £1600.00 on the night along with many others.

Angelfish were in fact pretty decent to say the least. A small set of only 6 songs but well worth it for this truly unique experience. King Of The World wasn’t played.

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Leeds Festival [Day 3], Bramham Park, Leeds

Leeds Festival line up

An early start following a late eneving getting back from the festival in Portsmouth. Straight to Kings Cross to head to The North. Arrived just in time to catch the majority of The Marmozets. As with their show in Brighton they put on a decent set. My late arrival meant we missed Baby Metal much to Kristina’s enjoyment.

Then we sat near the BBC introducing stage for an hour or two and caught some decent bands including Ducking Punches and Area 52. We also caught Crosa Rosa who singer was trying to be Kurt Cobain, they did have some great home made signs mind you.

Back on the main stage Royal Blood played, for me the performance of the day. Completely solid from start to finish.

Bring Me The Horizon. I just didn’t get it, at all. Circle pits and mental pointless crushed moshing for no apparent reason. The sound was also shite, the band even commenting on it at one point.

We saw a couple of songs from Ghost who seemed pretty decent. I don’t know much by them so will check them out in the coming days.

Metallica, were average. Nothing special at all. The encore was decent and on a par with other shows I’ve seen of theirs but the remainder of their set I felt was missing something.


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Victorious Festival [Day 1], Portsmouth

On arrival I thought the site was really badly laid out after finally working out where all the stages are I decided this wasn’t the case, better signage would help in the future.

I arrived around 6:30 as I didn’t fancy spending the entire day in Portsmouth watching bands I didn’t care for. I’m glad I did as it was pissing it down when I arrived and the place was starting to look like a swamp.

I caught a bit of The Frattellis who sounded pretty good but I wanted to catch The Subways who put on a great set.

Primal Scream were next and to be honest I felt they were poor. The crowd also didn’t seem that into them either which I thought was odd.

The night ended with Grant Nicholas, the only reason why I came down here to be honest. As with all the previous solo shows I’ve seen he was excellent. Grant was ten minutes late going on stage due to a few teething problems with the sound check and the small crowd had started to heckle him. I thought the crowd was going to turn out to be a nightmare but the vast majority were silent throughout the set. 

One other thing about this festival was the complete lack of security checks. I walked straight in and never showed my ticket at all which looked like it was being manned by kids. The security which were there didn’t know where stages were, I was told that the acoustic stage was “over there, I think” and “I think it’s on the right in that direction”. There was no security whatsoever at the acoustic stage, located up the road on the left. I guess they felt none is needed at these family-friendly festivals. 

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Cancer Bats, 100 Club, London

Circle pits in the 100 club, need I say more?

Line Up:

  • Cancer Bats
  • Krokodil
  • Relics
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